Creating a unique digital magazine

In 2013 British Airways asked Reactive and content partner Cedar to help create a digital-only magazine for their Club Members.

The approach

The idea was to create a truly unique digital magazine by taking the artistry and design sensibilities often synonymous with a printed magazine and emulate it online. We wanted content authors to have the same ability to craft their stories and for readers to feel immersed and engage in every article.

We did this by enabling flexibility within the CMS, articles were based on several key templates which were comprised of modular content types that could be arranged in various ways to create bespoke articles.

For the consumers, we created a multi-platform experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone that immerses the reader in the content. Considered interactions and UX nuances created a refined and elegant experience.

My role

I was responsible for the entire project, which involved creating wireframes and developing the UX to visual design and user interactions. I also worked closley with developers to create the various interactions and usability nuances.

Agency: Reactive

Responsive web design

The entire experience was designed for those on the move.


Creating a fluid and natural experience was just as important as the visual design

We wanted to take some of the sentiments akin to printed magazines and re-create similar interactive affordances online. Things like flicking through the contents of a magazine to peak interest, creating an enjoyable and fluid reading experience, and adding affordances like hiding the contents navigation when it's not needed, but being there when it is.

Flexible content creation

In the CMS, articles could be assembled in a flexible and modular fashion, giving content creators the opportunity to create bespoke and intriguing narratives for each article.

High-quality imagery and beautiful typography

To give that feel of a luxurious glossy magazine, we used large high-quality imagery and typography that reflected the right sentiment.

homepage designs standard article list article
the club ads

Responsive advertising

Responsive in-page and interstitial advertising replace invasive MPU and display ads, epitomising the advertising experience of a premium magazine.

the club language

Parlez-vous français?

Available in a multitude of languages, with regionalised content and targeted offers to reflect different cultural values.

the club offline

Offline reading

About to jet-set abroad on that Airbus A380? The Club is available offline thanks to some nifty HTML5 application caching.

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